As I drive about these days I continue to see many joggers running on the wrong side of the road; that is, with their backs to the oncoming traffic, sometimes two abreast. Many years ago, as soon as I was old enough to walk the roads of Albion alone, my parents taught me never to do this. It seems so obvious.

And today, with faster vehicles and way more of them – along with drunks, texters, and idiots using cellphones driving them, or even when driven by sensible people who nevertheless need to look down to find various dashboard push-button-thingees designed by other idiots – the likelihood of getting run down from behind has increased greatly in only the past several years.

I don’t think I have ever seen a report in this paper concerning someone who has been hit walking or jogging on the road that has addressed whether the person was facing oncoming traffic or was run down from behind. May I suggest that when covering such a sad event you include this information in your report if the facts be known? It could help to educate a lot of people who clearly have never considered this issue, and it might save some lives down the line.

Abbott Meader


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