When I first ran for office, I did so to help shape and steward my small community. But I soon learned that the issues I cared deeply about in my town were also the ones affecting every working family in Maine.

A strong public school system that provides a world-class education. Jobs with good salaries that offer benefits and opportunities for advancement. Affordable and accessible health care. Responsible stewardship of our natural resources. These issues weren’t unique to my district — they are the issues that matter to every Mainer no matter where you live.

As speaker of the House, I am driven to fight for policies that will make every part of Maine an economically vibrant and environmentally healthy place to live. And as assistant majority leader, Jared Golden has been fighting right by my side, every step of the way.

Despite being from different parts of the state, Jared and I both believe that Maine has a bright future where families have security and freedom to grow and prosper. A Maine where family-supporting jobs are homegrown in every community across our state. A Maine where those working hard can get ahead and stay ahead. We know that Maine is strongest when all of our families are thriving. And our work together in the Legislature has been centered on building this future.

This is why I am emphatically supporting Jared in his race to become Maine’s next congressman in the Second District. Maine needs to send a representative to Washington who believes in Maine’s future and who is willing to fight for it.

As Jared says, “We need leaders that are as tough as Mainers are.”


Working with Jared over the past three years has only increased my respect for him. No matter who he is talking to or what the issue, he brings with him fair judgment, a dedication to public service, and his belief that at the end of the day, every Maine family deserves a fair shot. He considers every scenario carefully and always does what is right for the people he serves in Lewiston.

Growing up in rural Maine, serving in our military, and working for his family business has given Jared a perspective that is lacking in too many candidates and elected officials. He knows the challenges facing small towns in Maine because he grew up in one and still spends many of his days working there. He understands the problems veterans face because he is one. And he knows what it’s like to put in a full day’s work to pay the bills, because he often works double shifts himself. There have been many summer days at the State House when Jared arrives sunburned and grass-stained, since he’s spent all morning on a lawn mower tending the grounds at his family business, where he has worked his entire life.

Jared has used this perspective to inform his decision-making and to strategically advance initiatives. To put it simply, he works hard to improve the lives of others — just like he has done in every part of his career. He’s served on both the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and the Transportation Committee. He helped pass bills that expanded the capacity of the state’s Bureau of Veterans Services and college tuition benefits for members of the National Guard. He’s pursued initiatives to modernize our infrastructure and continues to work to create a rail system to link Lewiston to other parts of the state.

Caring deeply about those who put their lives on the line for others is part of Jared’s DNA. That’s why he crafted legislation to help emergency first responders get the help they need when diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. And as assistant majority leader, Jared inspires and motivates lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.

When elected to Congress, Jared will represent Maine as a new generation of leadership. The only criticism his opponents can offer is his youth, which is, in my opinion, one of his greatest assets. Congress is in dire need of dynamic and fearless members who face difficult conversations head on, instead of hiding in a bathroom when asked a tough question. Jared operates with an honesty and transparency that is sorely needed in the current political environment.

Maine’s 2nd Congressional District deserves a representative who has fresh energy and enthusiasm. Someone who knows that our best days are still ahead of us and who has a proven track record of fighting for us — both with his words and his actions.

I urge you to raise your own voices this year by voting for the person who shares your values and who will fight tirelessly for you and your family. Vote for Jared Golden and send a representative to Washington, D.C. who you can trust to listen to you, and to do what is right for Maine’s 2nd District.

Sara Gideon, of Freeport, is a Democrat and speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.

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