My husband and I live in a mobile home park. There are more than 600 mobile homes parks in Maine. Ours is different, however, because everyone who lives in our park is one part owner. We do not consider it even a park. We consider it a community.

Brunswick Bay Mobile Cooperative came to be in 2008. Our park was for sale and the Cooperative Development Institute organized the residents to help the residents buy the park. We formed a cooperative and now we are members of that cooperative. We have a voice in how our lot rent is spent, and no one is making a profit. Our community is safe, maintained and affordable.

The cooperative life changed me personally by knowing I own my property and no longer rent. I have a voice and active part in something that makes change happen within the entire community. We get together in meetings to solve challenges and make improvements to the community. This is something I couldn’t do on my own. This is a place now to settle down and call home.

Maine needs more parks like ours. There are now eight like ours, but many other who paks are vulnerable and need security.

L.D. 1338 needs full support. This bill would encourage business and park owners to sell to workers or residents by providing some tax relief. We need affordable housing, we need more people-powered community solutions, and we need security in our communities.

Kathleen Yearsley


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