We are treated to an orgy of crocodile tears while Florida politicians slow roll reporters with sympathy and praise of teenagers rather than answer direct questions about gun control, and while President Donald Trump pushes concealed carry and restrictions on bump stocks. Bump stocks are pimples on the derriere of the problem.

Fifty-five years ago I was hitchhiking out of an Ontario Provincial Park. Luckily my first ride was in a Ontario Provincial Police cruiser. The OPP gave great rides, and I was 350 miles from home. At the park gate, a young ranger cut seals from the officer’s handgun and shotgun. No guns were allowed in the park. Thank-yous were exchanged and we continued on our way.

I said to the officer, “I’m from Rochester, New York. If she asked a policeman there for his gun, she would have a short half life.”

The officer responded, “You Americans are gun crazy. You’ve had more gun murders in Rochester this year than we’ve had in all Canada.”

He told me about Ontario gun regulations, which included a law requiring an inquest if he drew his gun while making an arrest. He said that as a result he had never had to draw his gun in 23 years on the force, because the bad guys knew he would use it if he drew.

Five decades later we have advanced all the way to the solution of kindergarteners hiding in closets from military weapon-toting killers while being told their teacher’s concealed carry gun is different and will protect them.

I’m sure our 6-year-olds will fully comprehend the difference and will feel proud, secure and thankful for the brave and wise measures brought to them by our state and federal politicians under the direction of their NRA handlers.

Phillip Davis

West Gardiner

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