The man leading our nation has proven himself entirely incompetent as leader of our country. He is sewing division and destruction in to the fabric of our democracy at a level that boggles the mind. Have we had enough yet? Have we had enough of a president who calls real facts “fake news,” the real science of climate change “a hoax,” KKK members and neo-Nazis “some very fine people,” and handles political opponents and leaders of foreign nations with all the finesse of a playground bully?

Diplomacy has been replaced with mockery, passed personal indiscretions silenced with hush money and legal threats. If the mainstream media, climate change scientists, and FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice are all purveyors of “fake news” and “hoaxes,” who should we be listening to? Fox and Friends? Sean Hannity, rightwing shock jocks and conspiracy theorists?

Any attempt at reasonable gun control is Democrats politicizing the issue. The Russian interference in our election process, the biggest attack on our nation since 9/11, is dismissed as a “witch hunt. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.”

President Donald Trump is an obstruction. He is an obstruction of truth, an obstruction of justice, an obstruction of decency, and an obstruction to the cohesiveness we need as a nation to face the problems of racism, gun violence, and election interference that beset us. When do we stand up to the man and cry enough is already too much? Where has gone the backbone of the Republican Party that is needed to confront this man? What more is it going to take for them to come to their senses and call him out? The shame of it all.

Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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