The Bill of Rights was written to protect “We the People” from tyranny. It was and continues to be the single document that insures our individual liberty and freedom. We often hear about the sins of slavery — and they are many — but everyone who wishes to remain free should defend and protect our Constitution.

All of the first 10 amendments are important, and many are under attack. When a speaker is shouted down or limited to a free speech zone, their right has been taken. When the press censors news because of political bias, they suppress another’s right to be heard. The Patriot Act has challenged the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth amendments. Our Founding Fathers recognized that circumstance could lead to a government that did not represent the people and they put in a provision for that circumstance — the Second Amendment — said by many to protect all the other freedoms.

The shooting in Florida has brought special attention and challenge to our right to bear arms. The killing was a slow-motion failure by the school, law enforcement, and the final line of defense — an armed guard in a gun-free zone. Some are advocating for limiting or repeal of the Second Amendment.

Governments respect a powerful populace, not the helpless. Even the United States has a bad record on that accord. In the 1950s the maligned NRA was fighting for right of African-Americans to arm and defend themselves when state government refused to protect them. The NRA was one of the first civil rights organizations.

Ask why shootings are happening — it is not the gun; it is the culture. Then address bump stocks and hardware.

Joe Grant


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