The outcry that the Second Amendment is at jeopardy with the ban on assault weapons makes my head spin. Enough is enough. Get out your google, your newspaper, your lawyer, your senator, your constitution, whatever your source of facts — the Second Amendment does not protect the right to own or use an assault weapon and is not the crux of the argument for the ban on assault/military weapons. Its use is a deflection from the real problem; our obsession with gun ownership has surpassed our ability to reason.

So keep your hunting rifle, your pistol, and stop muddying the argument. “Shooters used assault rifles in 21 percent of the massacres between 1982 and 2012 and used guns with large-capacity magazines in more than 50% of them,” the Washington Post reported on Feb. 22. Not a hunting rifle, not a pistol.

Olivia Atherton


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