I think it is ridiculous that kids should be exploited and basically forced to participate in a march for gun control. For starters, I bet these kids couldn’t even tell you one of the gun laws that currently exist. Also, kids don’t have the courage to stand up against their peers when they are outnumbered.

The real problem is an “anything goes” society that is bombarded with violence in every aspect of life. I had a student (and I use the term loosely) who would not behave in class — wouldn’t sit in his seat and sassed me. I told him that behavior like that wouldn’t have been tolerated when I was in school. He responded in the insulting way I’ve been spoken to more times than I can count, “That was in the Stone Age.”

I have had enough rude comments made to me about my age, so I responded, “Well we didn’t have school shootings.” That shut him up; he didn’t have a comeback.

Diane Robinson


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