I enjoyed the article “We are gun owners” in the March 18 Maine Sunday Telegram. I’m not sure why it was the lead story on the front page. However, I assume that it was to present the viewpoint of several responsible gun owners. In that respect, the story was a success.

I’d also like to point out that not one of those interviewed said that they owned or needed an AK to do any of the activities mentioned in the story. They used their shotguns, rifles and handguns to hunt, sport shoot and/or for home protection. I still own the .22-caliber bolt-action rifle my father bought for me when I was a young boy. I used it to target shoot while he was sighting in his shotgun in preparation for hunting season.

I have not heard anyone say, “Take away those types of guns.” All the debates that I’ve seen focus on military-type assault weapons. These weapons are specifically designed to kill enemy combatants in time of war!

Secondly, no one is trying to do away with or change the Second Amendment. If we are ever invaded by an enemy, the Second Amendment guarantees that we have a “well-regulated militia.” (Read the text of the Second Amendment, if the previous quoted phrase isn’t familiar.) I have no doubt that every able-bodied person in said militia will have all the assault weapons they’ll need to defeat that enemy.

Fortunately, we aren’t there yet.

Steven C. Pomelow


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