In the good old days when the Republic was formed, politics were ardent and elected representatives beat each other with canes during floor debates. Others with differing strong views famously engaged in duels and tried to kill each other. I recommend we revitalize those habits, or elect people committed to and skillful at practicing civility.

I am supporting our treasurer, Terry Hayes, an independent who can’t be bought because she is running a Clean Elections campaign. She gets finance, has resolved differences with our governor out of noisy headlines, and gets the job done. She has credible legislative experience and executive experience and been elected in her current position by members from both parties.

I know and admire Terry. Go to her website, cough up $5 to support a Clean Elections candidate, and hear her voice in this crowded field of wannabe governors.

Look, if you want to elect those who profit from us being divided, be a dupe and support that practice. Me, I’m supporting Terry Hayes. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to buy a cane, because, my friends, this has to stop.

Lester Wilkinson Jr.


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