Because the term “firearms” has turned into the sales of military assault weapons and magazines that are intended for mass killing in combat, the NRA has used the Second Amendment as a crutch to radicalize people into believing that they will not be able to bear arms. Just banning certain guns does not take that right away, and never will.

The NRA is holding hands with arms manufacturers and politicians. A lot of money changes hands with these groups. When you take money from the NRA, as President Donald Trump has, you are obligated to vote for their radical ideas and ways.

We have sent astronauts to the moon and into space, we have cars that drive themselves, and we have assault weapon. A lot of things have changed since 1789; we cannot live in the past. The founding fathers did not have computers or cell phones.

The NRA should be ignored, especially by lawmakers, and the Second Amendment needs to be revised. Maybe people should have the right to bear conventional pistols and rifles. These should be registered in each state and each owner shall be responsible for them. Assault weapons of any kind should be banned, as should any magazine that holds more than five rounds. The military and police will be the only people to use assault weapons for the security of the citizens and our country.

Ambyr Knight


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