I am excited about state Senate candidate Laura Fortman, who is running to represent most of Lincoln County. I’ve lived in Maine for most of my adult life and watched this state and county get older and older. I am happy to retire here, but I don’t want to see the entire area become a retirement community. I feel fortunate that my daughter and her husband were able to return to Maine to raise their family, but many people are not so lucky. They must watch their grandchildren grow up from afar because of a lack of opportunities and failure of the state to invest in people and infrastructure.

I want to live in a diverse community where people of all ages and backgrounds can make a living and support themselves and their families. Laura Fortman has the skills and experience to build that kind of economy and workforce. As Maine labor commissioner for over seven years, and a leader in the federal Labor Department for almost four years, Laura brings exceptional assets to the table. She knows what employers need, what workers need, and how to bring those two things together. We are lucky to have her here in Lincoln County, and I hope you will join me in choosing her to be our voice in Augusta.

Lee Warren


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