This is in regard to the governor’s claim that the salary for future governors be increased to $150,000 per year because he feels the $75,000 offered now is insufficient (“LePage wants to more than double pay of Maine’s next governor,” March 21). First of all, $75,000 is not the true salary of the governor. He receives in addition to his pay, housing, electricity, heating, health insurance, a car and a driver, gas for said car, a retirement plan, and a spokesperson, bringing his total package to more than $150,000 per year.

I make less than a quarter of that amount per year and had to wait 12 weeks this winter before receiving my unemployment compensation owed to me.

So, governor, if you are going to practice “welfare reform,” it should start with you. It’s called “public service.” And P.S., you were not the best or the brightest, only the meanest.

Kevin Flanagan


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