Easter Sunday proved less than kind to a couple of local households trying to cook holiday meals.

In Auburn, a woman working on a family dinner at 296 Turner St. suddenly had flames leaping out of the top of her stove, Auburn Fire Battalion Chief Dean Milligan said.

The midafternoon blaze gave off enough smoke to send her to the hospital, he said, but she is expected to recover fully.

Milligan said the stove malfunctioned.

“It was nothing she did,” he said.

The ham she had in the oven turned out fine, Milligan said, adding, “They can still eat it.”


A police officer began putting out the fire with an extinguisher, he said, and arriving firefighters finished off the job. He said there was a small amount of damage to a wall but the stove absorbed almost all of the damage.

Lewiston firefighters put out a small kitchen fire about 12:30 p.m. Sunday in an apartment where nobody was home.

There were no injuries at the blaze at 77 Hillview Apartments. Its cause is under investigation, but it appears something was left cooking on the stovetop, according to firefighters.

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