As someone who prides himself on being an anti-Facebooker, I take a small degree of pleasure whenever I learn about Facebook’s failings, of which there have been many. It’s bad enough they have successfully taken over the minds of billions of people worldwide, but it was revealed last year they attempted to initiate a program to hook children as well. Can anyone see what is happening here?

Facebook began as a website to assist college students in finding other students for friendships and relationships. Now, co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sanctimoniously struts around in his gray T-shirt as if he is the anointed one to lead mankind into the future while his personal wealth grows into the billions.

For those of you who feel the need to share every intimate detail of your lives on Facebook, have you been paying attention? It was confirmed that Russia used Facebook to attempt to influence our national elections. It also came out recently that a political consulting company duped 50 million Facebook users into revealing personal data that was also used during elections.

I write this letter because despite my best efforts of staying clear of Facebook, they still found a way to infiltrate my life. Because of the recent revelations of Facebook’s failings in protecting users’ personal data, not only did Facebook take a hit in the stock market, but it also dragged down other stocks to the point of adversely affecting my retirement account.

How many times does Mark Zuckerberg have to apologize for Facebook’s failings before people realize what the potential dangers are? Those of you who continue to feel the need to share every detail of your life on Facebook are playing with poison. It’s only a matter of time.

Steven Edmondson


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