After a protracted, bitter struggle with the Winthrop School Board, educators, administrators and parents in Winthrop prevailed. Superintendent Gary Rosenthal is out as of June 30 this year. Many residents say this is long overdue. Inept management, which caused Winthrop School District to suffer a series of shortfalls amounting to over $1.5 million, was only one of the many problems plaguing Rosenthal’s tenure.

Despite repeated complaints by administrators, teachers and parents, Winthrop’s five-member school board refused to support Rosenthal’s removal and refused to publicly answer any questions regarding malfeasance, citing Maine law.

The residents of Winthrop deserve transparency. If allegations against Rosenthal were unfounded, Winthrop residents and Rosenthal deserve to have the public know. If the Winthrop School Board was remiss in its investigation or biased in its evaluation, Winthrop residents must know so that we can replace a school board that has failed in its duty.

Maine ensures the public’s access to information about government activities through the Freedom of Access Act. Any Maine resident can file a public records request with the Maine Department of Education regarding this matter. Such an inquiry would allow the Winthrop School Board to provide the public with information key to better understanding what occurred.

Monika Riney


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