Liz Hays of Maine Family Planning has written in the Maine Compass article that pro-life people praying across the road from the Augusta clinic are trying to shame and humiliate staff and patients (“Maine Compass: As efforts to limit abortion rights grow, clinics need support of community,” March 22). If they have shame, humiliation and even guilt, it is self-induced for their deeds.

Hays further states that pro-life people are harassing the staff and patients on their front lawn in Augusta. This is a lie. There is a bunker surrounding the fortress-like building. The pro-lifers assemble across the street in a driveway to sing or pray for God to open the eyes and change the hearts of the abortionists and mothers. The pro-lifers do not picket or yell. They are asking God to intercede to save innocent babies. In the Bible, Jesus decries the wickedness and the penalties of children abusers in three of the Gospels (MT 18:16). We pray for the babies, mother and abortionists.

Signs are placed in the limits of the highway. The signs include the phone number of the “Open Arms” crisis pregnancy center in Augusta. They are an alternative, caring organization which offers life-giving options. Other signs show development of the baby, facts abortionists don’t want revealed. Hays calls what they do “abortion care” but it’s still abortion.

In a Planned Parenthood Facebook post on March 24 about the March For Our Lives, it says, “I fight to end gun violence because everyone deserves a life free of violence” They also say, “because Black lives matter,” while a greater percentage of black babies are aborted. As awful as the number of gun deaths is, they are comparing hundreds to millions with abortion.

If Planned Parenthood was interested in the truth they would offer ultrasound for the mother to see her baby before it is killed.

Albert R. Boynton


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