Why does Angus King run as an independent?

Some people have liberal views on social issues and conservative views on economic issues, or the other way around, and don’t want to be thrown in with a certain party where they feel they do not agree with either party line. I understand that.

King on the other hand is as much a Democrat as a McIntosh is an apple. I can see where he saves money on not being in a primary and assures his name on the November ballot, so is that the reason? Or does he figure there are a lot of independent voters and they really don’t take the time to look at who he is?

Voters need to take the time to look him over. See what he left the taxpayers when he left as governor. It was not only Democrats that did not vote for a tax break, it was also King.

Come June both Republicans and Democrats will lose some good people in the primary, but King “the independent” gets a pass.

Terry Tiner


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