I live in Waterville and am a resident of Ward 5. I just witnessed the most blatant example of political corruption. I attended the City Council meeting April 3. The council was voting on a person to replace the Ward 5 councilor, who had resigned (“Former Waterville councilor John O’Donnell appointed to Ward 5 council seat,” April 3).

There were four people seeking this seat. One candidate had collected 130 notarized signatures and 32 emails, and several people spoke in support of him. He had the overwhelming support of most of the people in attendance. And yet the council rejected the wishes of the people.

The people in attendance were very clear in their wishes. And this council ignored all of us. They asked one question of one candidate. They did not comment on any of the candidates’ qualifications. It was very clear that the members of this council had already made up their minds on who they wanted on that council, and we “the people” did not matter.

I want every person in Waterville to be aware of the actions of the council and be outraged by their behavior. When duly-elected representatives of the people choose to ignore the wishes of those same people, they need to be replaced. They are elected to represent us, not themselves or their party.

I want all of you to remember their actions when they come up for re-election. If they can band together to ignore the residents of Ward 5, they can and will do the same to you.

Sandra Sullivan


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