Often when people think of environmentalists, they might think of left-leaning, impractical people, but those are not the only environmentalists. We should be aware that some of the strongest believers in a healthy environment are the hunters, fishermen, and snowmobilers. For example, Trout Unlimited has donated generously to many conservation projects. These people spend a lot of time outdoors, have a real appreciation of the natural world, and stand to lose like everyone else when the environment is despoiled.

Nobody wants to come across plastic bags in the forest or find them tangled up in branches by the streamside.

One thing we can do to preserve the environment we have left is to support the proposed ban on single-use plastic bags in Waterville. It is the single-use plastic bag from big-box stores that is the greatest offender. They don’t recycle well, cost the city money to dispose of, and they don’t compost like paper bags. Besides, it costs the stores money to buy them.

Reusable bags are cheap, readily available and do a much better job when we use them to haul groceries. Of all the cities and whole countries (France, for example) that have enacted such a ban, I am not aware that any has suffered economically.

It is time for Waterville to take a stand and say yes to the environment and no to single-use plastic bags.

Stu Silverstein


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