I’m writing, with all due respect, to call B.S. on comments made recently by several local political figures about the effort to recall Mayor Nick Isgro. Specifically, I’m referring to Isgro’s quote about “dark money funded outsiders who do not live in our city,” Sydney Mayhew’s quote that this is an “attack coming from a dark ideological corner,” and Julian Payne’s quote that “they have long tentacles that reach into every home.”

In contrast to these ludicrous images of darkness, danger, and fear, the recall effort appears to me to be a model of openness, transparency, and light.

Three longtime Waterville residents — Karen Heck, Hillary Koch, and Jim Chiddix — publicly filed an affidavit at City Hall to begin the recall. The petition, and the signatures it contains, will be available for all to see in the city clerk’s office. And, if at least 857 citizens sign the petition, there will be a city-wide recall vote, open to all who are registered.

The democratic process is the foundation of our city, our state, and our nation. While it’s never easy, we should never take it for granted, and it should never be disparaged.

I, for one, am grateful that three of my fellow residents have initiated a public process that, I hope, will enable all of us to decide whether Isgro deserves to continue to be our mayor.

Mark Tappan


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