There are and will be false statements and fantasy opinions about the recall petition to remove Mayor Nick Isgro.

Morning Sentinel reporter Rachel Ohm wrote an article April 9 after interviewing not only the three voters petitioning to recall Mayor Isgro but also a member of the City Council, Sydney Mayhew, and a member of the school board, Julian Payne. Mayhew said, “This is a politically motivated attack coming from a dark ideological corner that simply cannot tolerate a powerful defender of the taxpayers of Waterville.”

Payne said the petition is a “political coup. In Waterville there is a small nucleus who spread discontent and untruths throughout our community. They have long tentacles that reach into every home (and are) octopuses of discontent.”

The fact is that Isgro sent an inappropriate tweet lacking the decorum expected of the public office of mayor. It is a fact that three Waterville voters signed an affidavit to petition the Waterville City Council to call an election for the recall of Mayor Isgro. The three petitioners are Karen Heck, an unenrolled former Waterville mayor; Hilary Koch, a former teacher enrolled with the Democrat Party now working full-time home-schooling her child; and myself, an unenrolled former real estate broker.

None of us come from “a dark ideological corner,” whatever that is — those “dark ideological corners” may just be figments of Mayhew’s mind. Only he would know. None of the three are planning a “political coup” to replace Isgro if he is recalled as Payne is so worried about. None of the three petitioners identify as octopuses of discontent with long tentacles.

Waterville voters will decide the recall of Mayor Isgro.

Jim Chiddix


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