For the spineless Republicans who flip-flopped on the solar bill, I cannot stay silent in the face of such blatant hypocrisy and cowardice.

I hope these flip-floppers on L.D. 1444 will be remembered by voters in their district, and come November they find themselves out of a job. This was a simple and modest solar bill that would stop the Public Utility Commission’s blatant attempt to discourage solar power by taxing producers. I thought Republicans were against taxes and for creating good-paying jobs? Oh geez, I guess it depends on whether it serves their interests or agenda.

Despite what their obscenely rich, climate-change denying friends tell them, climate change is very much real and caused by burning fossil fuels. Solar energy is one tool we have to help fix it, but people like the flip-floppers keep getting in the way. By delaying action they are jeopardizing our future and our kids’ future for the sake of entrenched interests and their profits.

Here’s to taking back our government come November, where we the people show them the door out.

Jason Langley


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