Have the residents of Waterville lost their minds? Mayor Nick Isgro has been a good mayor for our city. Before you vote to recall him ask yourself this — did he do anything illegal? Did he do it as the mayor? Doesn’t he have the same free speech protection that all Americans do?

The thought that Isgro lost his job and may be recalled as mayor is ridiculous. Then comes the effort to recall of Councilor John O’Donnell over of the appointing him temporarily to fill an empty seat over someone else. Maybe the council’s choice was wrong, maybe it wasn’t, but nobody is raising a stink over Councilor Lauran Lessing’s email about Julian Payne.

Isn’t that the same kind of conduct people are mad at the mayor for? Is it because she is affiliated with the almighty Colby?

I don’t pick political parties, and I don’t play favorites; I try to use common sense, which more people need to do — look at the big picture, look out for the agenda that’s below the surface.

Isgro is a good mayor for our city and truthfully John O’Donnell has always been good to deal with when I have had concerns.

Mitchell Pratt


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