Paul Ryan is gone, so I have been getting Democrat Party emails. I read on for requests for money and find myself wondering how it is that a war in Congress depletes me, not only in hope but also in contributions — contributions I now refuse and have been refusing for some time.

A few years back. a friend drove us to Vermont and we strolled aorund the Ethan Allen homestead. Butterflies and tiny colorful flowers made it an enchanting place for me. If you believe in reincarnation perhaps it was a home visit. Yet this Republican vs. Democrat war that continues despite their promises of shared and cooperative problem-solving is dissolving my hope for a strong-in-spirit America.

I am not saying we are a weak country, but apart form military prowess, we are showing selfishness and hate to a degree that frightens me.

Many thanks to Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, as I feel some safety in many of their decisions, especially to save our aging population of which I am a member. America’s heart is hope.

Linda Dowell


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