Jim Wysocki, a friend of Les Paul’s, will visit Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center as part of the “Music Walk” on Saturday, April 21. Wysocki will showcase Paul’s personal collection of guitars in a documentary called “From Start to Finish.” The film will begin at 1 p.m. at Johnson Hall, 280 Water St. in Gardiner,

The collection includes a 1968 Custom Gibson Les Paul with the “Paulverizer,” a black box remote control that allowed Les to access recorded tapes of himself and wife Mary Ford, layering parts of a song to his live performance.

The “Paulverizer” was an early version of today’s “looping machines.” Wysocki also will display “Les’ Rail,” which is a discarded Railroad track section that Paul used with a microphone from his mother’s phone and a guitar string stretched the length of the track; the string’s vibration created a unique sound that would become the first iteration of an electric guitar pickup.

The famed musician’s priceless collection will be on display — music fans can mingle and chat with Wysocki throughout the day. Wysocki encourages visitors to try playing the vintage and storied guitars as part of the experience.

Wysocki will give a formal slide presentation and talk a 7 p.m, sharing stories about the early origins of the electric guitar, the challenges and opportunities Paul encountered in the music industry, and some of Les and Mary’s adventures.

Admission is free and will be on a first-come, first-served basis, donations will be accepted for Johnson Hall’s renovation of its historic 3rd floor opera house.

For more information, visit gardinermainstreet.org/events/music-walk/or call 588-7725.

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