The voters of the 2nd District deserve a congressional member who truly represents and reflects their needs, hopes and aspirations. Someone who understands what it is like to earn a living here, with a positive message, who will listen to their constituents and who welcomes the opportunity to serve. Such a candidate is Jonathan Fulford.

Fulford is an independent builder who recognizes the economy is changing and we must evolve with it. He believes that we can create sustainable jobs in a “green economy” that treats climate change as an opportunity, not an obstacle. Investing in research can utilize Maine’s forest resource and produce new and innovative construction materials. Investing in affordable clean energy sources will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign producers and create new, good-paying jobs here in Maine. Fuel-efficient homes and transport will not only create new industry but will also save Americans money.

A society cannot thrive without proper health care; young entrepreneurs become risk adverse without it, and families can lose everything because of one unexpected illness or accident. It does not have to be this way. Fulford advocates implementing a national system of universal, single-payer health care, a program of universal senior care, and investing in opiod prevention and treatment.

Fulford recognizes that politics has become a club of millionaires, lobbyists, and ethically challenged panderers to corporate interests. He is an advocate of good government, clean elections and dedicated to injecting more transparency in government. He advocates passing a nationwide Clean Election Act for all elective offices and overturning Citizens United — money is not speech and corporations aren’t people.

Finally, he believes in wise military policy: investing in our veterans, not new wars or inflated, ineffectual arms programs.

I will be voting for Jonathan Fulford in the June primary.

Greg Rossel


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