I had no problem with the gun rally at the State House on April 14 until I read this quote: “We’re facing a national crisis,” said rally organizer Tracilee Sullivan, telling people that rallies will have to be two and three times larger in the future. “We cannot give ground.” (“Flag-bearing Second Amendment supporters rally at State House,”)

Really? So are you saying there is no room for compromise? Like trying to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people who have demonstrated a serious threat to people?

This type of commentary is sadly too common on boths sides of so many issues these days. I am tired of the “slippery slope” trope that is always used as an excuse to avoid serious dialogue, particularly for the Second Amendment defenders, I have no interest in restricting gun ownership to most weapons and most people; many of my friends are avid and responsible hunters. But I would ask Ms. Sullivan to rethink her statements because absolute and hyperbolic statements like hers do not help the situation.

Instead of inflaming your supporters with threats that “they” want to take your guns away, how about talking to the other side about specifics?

Keith Taylor


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