I find it very ironic and sad that two people who have both shown a great love and great caring for our city would now be engaged in a battle that is sure to do it great harm.

I also find it very ironic and sad that at a time when our city at long last is seeing great progress and great positive energy the progress and energy will now be tainted by that battle.

Is there no room for compromise, for understanding, for putting the greater common good above the narrow personal ideologies and egos? It seems to me that the basic principles of civility, as espoused by both sides, requires them to find a resolution and thereby spare all the heartache that is sure to come otherwise.

We should all know by now that we all have different and deeply held views toward guns, race, immigration, and the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, and others. We should protect those views and rights and we should not hesitate to exercise our rights. We have problems only when we become aggressive, hostile, or violent. One should not act that way and should not talk that way. And one should not respond that way.

Karen Heck and Nick Isgro are two good people who care deeply for the city of Waterville. I ask that they please find a way to resolve this matter. Their actions do not involve only the two of them, but all of us who live in and love our city.

John Nale


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