With all of the hate that is being directed towards Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro based on a tweet, I would like to reference another social media post of his from July 1, 2017, that no one is talking about.

The post said: “So a few months ago I drove into Hannaford in Skowhegan and there was a man with a sign asking for help outside. Of course, the usual questions came up in my mind about what the real story was. Nevertheless, I went inside and after doing my own shopping I purchased a sandwich and a cold ice tea. On the way out I stopped and told him that I had gotten him a sandwich and a drink and then handed him a $20 bill. The man took a step back and almost looked like he was going to fall over. As he took the items from my hand, his eyes filled with tears as he said, ‘oh man … you just saved my day:'”

Posts like this and many others are what takes up his news feed. Not the racist, bigot, anti-group this and hate-filled that. There are a handful of people in our community that are trying to smear his name based on three words that I admit were tasteless. But just as Nick admitted in his post he walked by the homeless man a cynic and judging his intentions but ultimately love won.

I implore you as readers to do your research and find out who Nick really is. As a person and a mayor, he fights for the people of Waterville and loves the city he lives in. Don’t fall for the “catchy headline” or the trendy key words that get someone’s hair to stand up.

You all say we need love to win. Prove it. As Nick Isgro has done for his family, his friends, the city of Waterville and the lonely stranger in the street.

Jeremy Jones


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