I am writing this in support of Mayor Nick Isgro. Nick and Amanda Isgro have five young children. Nick and his family are upstanding citizens who have conservative Christian family values. Why is it that in our society, radical liberal elements of our country, state, and cities are trying to destroy people in leadership positions that have conservative Christian values?

The attack on Isgro from the left, the recall initiative, and actions that resulted in Isgro losing his long-held position at Skowhegan Savings Bank are all acts of reprehensible behavior, all because Isgro tweeted a statement to an individual who politicized the Florida school shooting by attacking conservatives, the NRA, and those who have an opinion that differs from those on the left.

Shame on those who use these things to bring down good, hard-working, honest leaders whose opinion differs from theirs.

Shame on those who initiated the actions against Mayor Isgro.

Bert Corrigan


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