To my friends in Waterville, I hope you are as disappointed as I am that Nick Isgro has an irresponsible recall petition with this name on it. He did nothing wrong.

Nick has his First Amendment rights, which he exercised on Twitter in a comment that the media has falsely misconstrued. David Hogg, who has been controversial and vulgar himself, is the face of the March for Our Lives movement, and therefore criticism is fair game.

Nick has a passion and love for Waterville, more than anyone I know. His work to move this city forward has lead to tremendous growth in this city. I would not be here for school if it wasn’t for Nick’s love and support, and I’m forever grateful of his brotherhood, guidance, and friendship.

I am even planning to move here because I, myself, have fallen in love with Waterville. It’s a great city, and I have the utmost confidence in Nick’s leadership and vision for this wonderful city.

Please join me and hundreds of other supporters of Nick in rejecting this hateful, bigoted recall against him. He’s a friend to all of us.

God bless.

Blake Winslow

Presque Isle

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