I have been a resident of Waterville for the past nine years. For the last couple of weekends I have circulated a petition that allows local residents to decide in the privacy of the ballot box whether they want to keep our mayor or recall him. I have not been paid to do this, and I think it unlikely that I would be considered an elitist having attended public schools in Ohio, where I also received a social work degree at a state university.

It has been an amazing experience to meet so many polite, respectful and warm-hearted people in the community while circulating this petition. Most of the people who were home when I knocked on their doors were receptive to signing the petition.

I realize that not every one who signed the petition will necessarily vote to recall the mayor. However, they were clear that they thought the mayor should read their signature as a message that an apology is due for his recent tone at council meetings, and for the derogatory statement he made regarding one of the students who survived the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Whether the petition process is successful or not to get this on the June ballot, what is most important is that our elected representatives understand whether we agree or disagree on an issue, we expect respectful discourse.

Diane Weinstein


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