It is time for the people of Waterville to rally together to support our mayor and our city. Nick Isgro is a good and decent family man with roots that grow deep in this city. He has fought for the citizen and the business owner with tenacity and steadfast support. Ours is a city that is struggling to establish a solid business base and we are working to sell ourselves as business friendly. Mayor Isgro has worked tirelessly to make this city marketable.

The petty politics that are currently taking place in Waterville will benefit no one. We don’t have to agree, but we must be civil. Everybody has a right to an opinion and we may not always have the same ideology, but when people are so vindictive that they impact his livelihood and family, a line has been crossed.

We are sending a very ominous message to any business that is considering Waterville as a home. It is time to set differences aside and get to the business at hand. It’s OK to agree to disagree. We need to move forward, and Nick Isgro is the man to lead the way.

Brian Dutil


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