I have lived in Waterville my entire life. I have family members who dedicated years of their life in service to this city and others who have owned and operated businesses here for years. This is my hometown.

I find it insulting so many who do not live in Waterville see fit to comment on and interfere with my city, how it is run and what should happen here. If these outside sources have so much interest in Waterville, why don’t they live here, open businesses here and contribute to our tax base?

The time and energy being spent arguing over three words posted on social media could best be used to build up our city. If this city is to rebuild itself and prosper, our attention and efforts should be focused on fiscal responsibility and business development and growth, not dissecting social media post.

I will not be voting to recall Mayor Nick Isgro. As a member of the Planning Board, my time and effort remain focused on expanding the tax base.

It is time to get back to the policy issues to move Waterville forward.

Jessica L. Laliberte


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