Republicans hold majorities and have shown that they choose not to lead us but only to get their way, or whatever the Heritage Foundation tells them is best. Conservative values are commendable, yet they would rather line their pockets and kick the can down the road instead of paying down our debt and distributing benefits fairly. Democrats have not performed much better. We need strong centrist philosophy that draws upon both sides of the canyon. Fix what is wrong and bolster what is right.

I cannot vote for politicians who side with a self-righteous party that does not represent people but prefers to represent corporations, wealthy donors and whatever protects their wealth and control. The Grand Old Party has become a greedy, sanctimonious organization that perpetuates the divisiveness that envelopes our country today. Isolationism, protectionism and self-serving nationalism will divide us further. Attitudes like “I know better than you,” “I have more money” and “might versus right” just don’t work.

Everyone should vote. Say no to career millionaire politicians who do not care about their constituents. Voting for good character may be a smarter way to go. President Donald Trump’s gutter language, vile narcissism and autocratic idealism may lead us to the cliff, with no other plan but to jump into chaos. The military industrial complex would be quite gleeful.

Hopeful America will not be conned again and we can regain a sense of decency and core values, and a much better code of conduct. Trump gets an “F” thus far, with 3,000-plus lies told, a tax plan for the wealthy, healthcare inequality, unnecessary trade wars and allowing unregulated corporations to destroy our planet. Most concerning is the degradation of our national security because too many voted for an unstable egomaniac.

We are in dire need of qualified leadership before our country is ripped apart.

Dennis St. Jean


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