The editorial on May 18th was unfair in its logic (“Our View: Parents who don’t vaccinate put others in peril”). Experience teaches me to see both sides of the story.

This editorial was written against those who choose not to vaccinate. It did not say which children, in the schools mentioned, came down with chicken pox, those who were vaccinated or those who were not. If a child has been vaccinated, then those children, logically, should not be at risk. Parents that decide to give their child 72 vaccines before their child is 18 — that is the last count — have done the research.

This is a time when research, both pro and con, is available. Ask your doctor questions — a good doctor will spend the time answering anything you want to know. Then weigh his answers with your own research, and make an informed decision.

Parents should not be criticized for doing what they think is right for their child. If you choose vaccination, you need not worry, because according to your doctor, your child is safe. If you choose not to vaccinate, and you do what is necessary to keep your child healthy, then you have looked out for your child too.

If I was a young mother today, I would not put all the vaccines in my child because each child is different. Some will have no reaction and others will become ill. Some medicines I have taken have made me ill, and I had to stop them. I am sure many have experienced this.

So please before you take a side on this subject, do the research, then decide what is right for your child. Remember, there are reasons for these different views.

Elaine Fredrikson

South China

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