Turns out, I’m the problem with Waterville. I’m the “out-of-town agitator.” I’m the “wealthy elite.” Who knew? I’ve lived, worked, and paid taxes in Maine for 45 years, and in Waterville for 20. I’ve worked for two businesses headquartered here, started my own business in town, managed the old Stearns building and spent my weekends building three houses with Habitat for Humanity (two in Waterville). I earn way less than a bank vice presdient, drive an eight-year-old car, and if I’d had kids, I’d have sent them to public school. Still, I’m the problem.

Now, we all make mistakes. But at some point in your life, when you make mistakes, you acknowledge them, apologize, and assure people (and yourself) that it won’t happen again. Unfortunately, I’ve heard none of this from Mayor Nick Isgro. Rather, he and his cronies have blamed “dark money,” “outsiders,” the “wealthy elite” and, believe it or not, Colby College, for the recall effort and for him losing the job he quit. Their posts on Facebook and Twitter bring back memories of junior high.

Running a city like Waterville is serious business. We have a seven-member council that’s elected, and an experienced, full-time manager who’s well paid. These are serious adults who understand the importance of what they’re doing. What we don’t need is a mayor who won’t take responsibility for his actions and hides behind a bunch of immature social media posts.

Bruce Olson


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