FAIRFIELD/HINCKLEY — The following students were named to the 2018 spring semester dean’s list.

Laurilyn Doucette, Kelly Dow, Ariana Kaczmarek and Dana Nelson, all of Albion; Erica French and Brenna Rathburn, both of Anson; Julie Doughty, of Argyle; Angela Cox, of Athens; and Erik Anderson, Robert Atwater, Patricia Cordon Chacon, Jessica Grenier, Wendy Jackson, Julian Lall and Stacey Rice, all of Augusta.

Also, Seth Blanchard, of Beecher Falls; Megan Brown, of Belfast; Brandy-Jean Dickens, Abby McGrail and Bridget Wadleigh, all of Belgrade; and Jasmine Bumps, Stephanie Clifford, Krista Gomola, Benjamin Main, Sydnie Martin, Melinda Pelletier, Amanda Poulin, Randall Richards and Sarah Williams, all of Benton.

Also, Luke Jillings, of Biddeford; Jeffrey McKenzie and Cassandra Smith, both of Bingham; Jaime Bennett, of Brooks; Cole Hanson, of Bucksport; Hannah Dodson and Sonya Dodson, both of Burnham; Kristy Strouse, of Cambridge; and Morgan Ames, Ivy Lachapelle and Ritchie Mitchell, all of Canaan.

Also, Kayla-Marie Albert and Stephen Goulette, both of Chelsea; Melissa Kinsey, of Chesterville; Emily Stiles, of China; Tyler Clifford, Taylor Constable, Sarah Fallon, Jessica Fox, Samantha LaCroix, Kalianna Lutz, Douglas Mason, Anna McKenney and Kellie Wiswell, all of Clinton; Parker Heckathorn, of Colchester; and Kara Hebert, of Concord Township.

Also, Emma Clark, Jotham Miller and Ali Ward, all of Cornville; Richard Poulin, of Corrina; Slade Emery, Heather Neal and Damion Walston, all of Detroit; Dana Grignon and Tammy Hill, both of Dexter; Duane Greenleaf, of East Dixfield; Corey Brewer, of East Winthrop; Neely Adams Ellsworth; Michael Harmon and Kelly Woodard, both of Embden; and Brad Allen, of Etna.

Also, Ashley Ames, Heather Brickett, Codey Brown, Madelyn Fortin, Kaytlynn Gallant, Keith Giles, Mariah Green, Zachary Hebert, Rebecca Leeman, Kristi McCorrison, Julia Pabon, Nareth Say, Katya Tilton and Emile Woodruff, all of Fairfield; Alison Choate and Samantha Patterson, all of Farmingdale; Bethany Charles, Jessica Ellis, Erica Sanderson and Dustin Savage, all of Farmington; and Micheala Vish, of Frankfort.

Also, Lisa Dorr, Kaitlin Friend and Westley Turner, all of Freedom; Emily Randall, of Freeport; Julia Supp, of Garland; Brittany Masessa, of Greensboro; Maryland; Haylee Williams, of Guilford; Leah Gulliver, of Hampden; and Madison Chadbourne and Isabelle Maheux, both of Harmony.

Also, Samantha Harvey and Abby Pelletier, both of Hartland; Rebekah Howard, of Highland Plantation; Noah Patnaude, of Hinckley; Amanda Chick, of Industry; Anthony Mitchell and Matthew Smith, both of Jay; Anthony Bell, of Jefferson; Joseph Whitney, of Jonesboro; and Cailea Eaton, Natasha Kosowsky and Megan Thompson, all of Knox.

Also, Richard Sprowl, of Liberty; Melissa LeDuc, of Lisbon; Taylor Bartlett, Kristi Billington, Ashley Clement, Cody Couturier, Delancy Davis, Tina Greenlaw, Dorene Jackman, Aaron LeBlanc, Jasmine Moody, Damien Santiago, Kymberly Wright and Taylor Wright, all of Madison; Dustin Campbell, of Manchester; and Gabrielle St. Hilaire, of Mechanic Falls.

Also, Benjamin Greaney, of Mercer; Breanna Ferland and Rachel Bryant, both of Monmouth; Jeshua Ryan, of Montville; Kyffin Dolliver, of Morrill; Emily Ames, of Moscow; Lora Pinkham, of Mount Vernon; Alyson Gard, Andrew Trask and Kelli Welch, all of New Sharon; Silas Coffin and Zachary Talmadge, both of Newport; and Gordon Rogers and SueAnn Shiffer, both of Nobleboro,

Also, Nicholas Easler, Michael Keister, Jestel Libby, Wyatt Mitchell, Ethan Poissonnier, Grace Pollis, Daniel Quirion and Brian Shields, all of Norridgewock; Erin Caldwell, of North Anson; Jeffrey Brown, Eliza Denoeux, Sarah Pooler, David Pullen, Alan Rose, Anthony Thibodeau and Davis Warren, all of Oakland; and Mary Banker, of Old Town.

Also, Crystal McKenney and Joseph Seigars, both of Palermo; Jacob Burbine, Pauline Burdick, Janelle Faloon, Jayde Frost and Miranda Kuespert, all of Pittsfield; Edward Wilshusen, all of Pittsfield; Gabrielle Berry, Stefanie Johansen, James Letteney and Jennifer York, all of Pittston; and Tyson Babb and Brooke Berberich, both of Randolph.

Also, Tayler Bushey, of Richmond; Michael Frisone, of Rockland; Jessica Bridges, of Saint Albans; Nicholas Easler and Tracy Pomerleau, both of Sangerville; Leah Taylor, of Searsmont; and Kelley Allen, Benjamin Bard, Zachary Douin, Edwin Maheu, Philip Nuza, Alexandra Penney, Hanna Turgeon and Aaron Young, all of Sidney.

Also, Carl Bauer, Noah Bessey, Erin Brown, Sarah Conley, Julie Flynn, Jessica Forsman, Sirena Haywood, Joseph-Jay Joler, Jacob Lashon, Anne Madore, Abiegail McGovern, Olivia Nichols, John Poulin, Ryan Prentiss, Kimberly Stevens, Desiree Stratton, Rebecca Stubbs, Sherainah Swett and Wendell Taylor, all of Skowhegan.

Also, Mitchell Hewes and Sandra Jarvis, both of Smithfield; Tatonka Champagne and Robert Moreau, both of South China; Miranda Simmons, of St. Albans; Kristen Mowry, of Steuben; and Holly Tienken, of Stratton.

Also, Zachary Blanchard, of Thorndike; Benjamin Appel, of Topsham; Kylie London and Sonnet Myers, both of Troy; Sharon Coolen, Nicole Crowley and Gary Welch, all of Unity; and Jesse Ahearn, Marshall Crandall, Kaleb Glidden, Hailey Greene, Margaret Lane, Heather Peaslee, Sophia Quirion, Jennifer Smith and Larissa Alexander, all of Vasslaboro; Kaitlin May, of Wales.

Also, David Barrett, Catherine Campbell-York, Lindsey Caverly, Jessica Charrier, Justin Chiaravelotti, Matthew Dorval, Joshua Dyer, Rachel Farmer, Michael French, Casey Henderson, Richard Lefebvre, Natachia Lovering, Danielle Mannke, Jasmyne Overlock, Johnathan Sellar and Clara Todd, all of Waterville; Mackenzi Masselli, of Wells; Craig Brinkman, of West Farmington; and Talitha Gorneau and Hannah Mills, both of West Gardiner.

Also, Leslie Kittredge, of Whitefield; Lynn Legare, ReNae McDonald and Hannah Neal, all of Wilton; and Melanie Pond, Cody Beaudoin, Mikayla Brochu and Mario Garcia, all of Windsor.

Also, Connor Chapman, Nicholas Cotter, Adele Cvetkovski, Bethanie Farr, Dezarae Frappier, Gunnar Holt, Gloria Kinney, Jacob Laflamme and Timothy Martin, all of Winslow; Sean Hadley, Winterport; Chad Bryant and Elizabeth Sylvester, both of Winthrop; and Kristin Draper, of Wiscasset.

To earn a place on the dean’s list, the students achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while carrying nine credit hours or more for the semester.

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