Some of the hardest-working people I know work on farms. There are no days off, no holidays. Instead, there’s an obligation to make sure the cows get milked twice a day, there is enough hay in the winter, and the barn is mucked out. It is smelly, messy, hard work that must be done, no excuses.

Steve Russell is a sixth-generation farmer who has raised his children to farm, and his son is continuing the tradition by taking over his Winslow farm. Steve knows very well what smelly, messy hard work is. He knows that the job must be done, no excuses.

Augusta might not be as smelly or messy, but it will certainly be just as hard. Steve knows that representing the hard-working people of Senate District 16 must be done well. No excuses.

On June 12, I’m voting for Steve Russell to represent me.

Earl Watts


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