On June 12, every town in Regional School Unit 12 will be voting on a referendum that will affect no other town in the RSU except Alna. The residents of Alna have been dealing with this issue for months. Opinions have been expressed, with 60 percent of our town voting yes.

The referendum will change Alna’s policy of paying tuition for grades K-8 in private schools, only for residents moving here after June 30. I would like to point out the fairness of a yes vote for every Alna resident.

No child presently living in Alna will need to leave their private school; Alna will continue to pay their tuition. This affects only people no one even knows yet.

There will come a time when public tax funds will only go to public schools. And new residents will have their choice of public schools.

I know of two older people who have had to sell their beautiful home because taxes are beginning to soar. A connection has been proven between Alna’s paying for private schools and the rush of new residents whose children are then placed in private schools. The referendum will hopefully put a stop to that.

Not all of Alna’s children can attend a private school because of a dependence on a school bus. This change will eventually lead to all students having equal rights.

Please, on June 12 vote yes. Your neighbors in Alna need your help.

Holly Nelson


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