I disagree with ranked-choice voting. Ranked voting says we can vote for our first, second, third choices. We all have a right to one vote at an election — period.

It’s similar to when trophies are given to all athletes so that everyone wins. This makes no sense.

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro should not be recalled. He has done a terrific job for the city, especially with the revitalization of downtown. A letter in last month’s paper said that anyone could have spearheaded those improvements, but I disagree. Mayor Isgro has the level head and forethought to “work with” Colby and not be “lead around” on the development of downtown. The recall needs to be defeated.

More parking downtown is needed immediately. The new Colby dorm has taken away 90 spaces. The new development will be bringing in more people into Waterville, so where are they going to park? If people can’t park, then they won’t come. A parking garage would solve this problem, and I suggest they put it where the old Sentinel building was at the corner of Silver and Spring streets.

The farmer’s market is nice but it needs to move since it closes off more parking spaces. The Head of the Falls has ample space for parking and their booths.

The new truck that holds garbage and recycling has to make double trips to Norridgewock to the dump since it hold less waste. How much extra fuel and costs are occurring here? Lastly, thank goodness for the new development at the Head of the Falls for the public to use. REM thought of many creative ideas for that space years ago and it is great that a nice park with an amphitheater will be built there soon.

Barbara Shea


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