Conservative. Principled. Trustworthy. These are superlatives I think of when I think of Garrett Mason.

I’m not a politician. I’m a young voter working a 15-hour a week job at a convenience store in Hermon, while an upperclassman in high school.

In April 2017, I had an opportunity to shadow Sen. Mason in the state Senate. While I was there, his conduct exuded that of a leader unlike you’d see in your typical policymaker. By allowing me to shadow him, and converse with him on policy-related matters and introducing me to many of his colleagues, vividly demonstrated that he’s not in it for himself. He’s not in it for the money or the power. He doesn’t make six figures a year.

A servant like that has the energy, work ethic, and resolve that true Mainers have. Mason is the most qualified out of all contenders to be governor of the State of Maine.

Cody Porter


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