Voters in the towns and cities that make up Regional School Unit 2 — Hallowell, Farmingdale, Monmouth, Richmond and Dresden — will consider a proposed $27.9 million school spending plan when they go to the polls on Tuesday.

That figure is up 3.04 percent from this year’s $27.04 million budget.

But almost $456,000 of the new, proposed costs would be covered by the state, which is paying for the district to build a new middle-and-elementary school, according to a presentation delivered by Superintendent Bill Zima at the district budget meeting on May 29.

Subtracting those reimbursed costs, the proposed spending plan is up 1.34 percent, or $365,118, from this year, according to Zima.

The proposal includes increased spending on sports and other programs. It also includes reductions in costs for MaineCare, transportation, electricity and special education.

The new budget would affect each of the district’s communities differently.

Dresden would see its local tax obligation drop by $2,236, while the others would each see an increase, according to Zima. Monmouth’s would go up by $6,524, Hallowell’s would go up by $50,627, Richmond’s would go up by $65,914 and Farmingdale’s would go up by $178,116.

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