The proposed FDA regulation requiring maple syrup and honey to be labeled as having “added sugar” (“Maine maple syrup, honey producers sour on ‘added sugar’ label,” May 31) gives off a whiff of a tested and effective conservative ruse to promote public hatred of government regulation.

Richard Nixon and the Republicans reluctantly passed the Occupational Health and Safety Act in 1970. Nixon immediately appointed an opponent of OSHA as director and within a few months an outrageous cowboy safety regulation was proposed. The OSHA cowboy was required to go to class to learn the dangers of stepping in cow plop and to wear so much armor he wouldn’t be able to climb onto his horse. The regulation’s wording was condescending and insulting. The result, as planned, was widespread ridicule and distain for OSHA regulations.

It appears the conservatives have now gotten to the FDA, Maine’s maple syrup producers will be suspicious of all FDA rulings, and consumers will think Maine’s syrup is adulterated.

Phillip Davis

West Gardiner

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