In the June 10 edition on Central Maine Sunday. columnist Jim Fossel calls for the U.S. Congress to take back the powers that they have ceded to the executive branch over the last 80 to 90 years (“All the president’s powers”). He also cites the need for adherence to the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. I agree completely but would like to add that it is time to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Direct election of U.S. senators has contributed to our growing government by making elected office a career. The founders never envisioned career politicians; I suspect they would view career politicians as they viewed royality — with disdain.

The original purpose of the Senate was to represent the states in Washington; the House was to be the representatives of the people.

Also note, there is no provision in the Constitution for people to vote for the president. The Electoral College is to be chosen in a manner to be determined by the state legislatures.

Paul Anderson


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