It comes as very little surprise that Gov. Paul LePage is threatening to not certify the election results (“As Mainers vote in first ranked-choice election, LePage says he ‘probably’ won’t certify referendum results,” June 11). He has a history of ignoring the will of the voters.

First he starts with refusing to release voter-approved bonds, then he refuses to follow the Medicaid expansion that Maine voters overwhelmingly approved. Now this. Apparently LePage thinks that he can do whatever he wishes, especially if he doesn’t like something. There is a name for a person like that — a dictator.

But we need to be extremely careful. LePage thinks he can get away with this because no one in the Legislature will stand up to him and say, “Enough! Follow the law or we will impeach you and remove you from office!”

I know most Repulicans won’t do it because they are his yes men? Someone needs to hold this governor accountable before we find ourselves losing our democracy.

Zachary Gimpel


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