I want to thank everyone in Augusta, Sidney, Oakland, Vassalboro and China who supported me in the Senate District 15 Democratic primary. I want to thank those who took the time to speak with me, and especially those who graciously invited me into their homes so that we might come to know and understand each other. My campaign experience was sometimes difficult, often humbling, but always enriching. It made me not only a better candidate, but a better person.

One important lesson I learned is the need for rewriting Maine’s law that allows candidates and their surrogates to be at the polls on election day. While the law prohibits “attempt(ing) to influence another person’s decision regarding a candidate,” like many Maine laws, it is poorly written and virtually unenforceable. It was written for and by the politicians, and certainly not for the people. Elections should be won or lost during the campaign, not at the polls. The people need to push for a law to prohibit candidates and their surrogates from polling places except for the purpose of voting.

Most of the problems we face, such as gun violence, poor government, inadequate education system, opioid crisis, and lack of mental health services, are of our own doing. We desperately need a government willing and able to work together for the people. Until we fix our broken, corrupt government our problems will continue to worsen.

I will continue to fight the good fight and I hope you will too. Too many of you have given up. To those of you who haven’t, we may have lost this battle, but we haven’t lost the war.

John Glowa

South China

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