Summer in Maine is prime time for enjoying the big outdoors. Here are six Maine adventures that are just better with a truck.

Drive-In. Farmington is home to one of the country’s newest drive-in movie theaters, Big Sky Drive-In. Pack some pillows and popcorn and get cozy in your truck bed.

Star Gazing. Maine has some of the most pristine, star-filled night skies in the eastern United States. Head out of the city, spread some blankets, lay back and appreciate the night sky.

Camping. With a truck, it’s easy to hitch up an RV or pop-up trailer and travel wherever the road takes you.

Yard Sales. Dickering is a Maine tradition, and it’s a lot more fun with the cargo room for your loot.

Fishing. Whether you hitch a boat or just wade out into a stream, put the smelly fish in the back for the ride home.

Mainely Outdoors. The University of Maine at Farmington rents outdoor equipment. Pick up kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes or camping gear … and all you need is a truck to haul it where you want to go.