Now that the primaries are over, it’s time to point out what a clean, well-planned and spirited campaign both Steve Russell and Karen Kusiak ran in their campaign for Senate District 25. Voters in Winslow, Waterville and Benton were treated to open discussions with both candidates willing to listen to everyone and not be afraid to put their values and thoughts on the table for all to consider.

Both people showed that they possess the all-too-rare ability to actually listen and offer a compromise in many matters. This is an absolute necessity in the minds of most voters as their ability to accomplish anything at all depends on that very skill!

Kusiak showed remarkable poise under fire and remained a cheerful, intelligent person oing in and coming out of this campaign. It was truly a “win-win” situation for those of us voting for either candidate!

This is all the more important because of the lack of that mindset by Sen. Scott Cyrway, who is currently in office. He has demonstrated far too many times that when he decides to support or protest policies or current laws, he is extremely rigid and ends up going nowhere fast.

I welcome the breath of fresh air Kusiak will bring to the Senate and congratulate both candidates for their decision to run a clean campaign without once attacking the other on any issue. How great it would be if more people did that in their political career. It would seem that Winslow politics are head and shoulders above our contemporaries — at the moment.

Gerald Saint Amand


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